…tis the Season…

15 10 2010

Where did the year go??  It’s the Holiday Season once again!

Inevitably, this leads to parties, gatherings, and just fun moments for the family.  But how do you fit it all in?  Aren’t we all too busy?

Party planning doesn’t have to be a daunting task.  Keep it simple, keep it easy – and make sure YOU enjoy the party too!

Have a theme

Planning a party around a theme makes all of the planning that much easier.  The holidays make the “themes” all the easier!  But, you CAN go even further!

  • Think colors!  Christmas Red & Green are great, but so are blue and silver, gold and mulberry, silver & gold!  Halloween just begs for Orange & black – but what about Red & Black or Black and White?   The combination possibilities are endless.
  • Try something fun and different – have a Hogwart’s Yule Ball!
  • New Year’s Party?  Try a “Hollywood”, “Casino” or “Decades” event.  Want to try for something more “high-tech”?  Think Andy Warhol or Christo!

Keep it Simple!

  • Pre-cook or cater your event.  You want to enjoy the time with your guests – not in the kitchen!
    • Pot-lucks, of course, take away some of work, but there is no telling what types of things might walk through the door.  If you want to keep with a theme, its simplest to handle it yourself.
  • Offer a variety of beverages.
    • If you are offering soda, offer caffeinated, diet and non-caffeinated.
    • Offer a decent red and white wine.  Merlot & chardonnay are easy.  Syrah and Pinot Grigio offer a twist.  Think about your menu and plan accordingly.
    • If you would like to offer other types of liquor, consider creating a “Signature Drink” for the event.  It will help limit the variety of liquor you need to buy – and make the drink you do offer, memorable!

Enjoy Yourself!

Don’t work yourself to exhaustion.  Plan a few fun things to do with your guests.  This can include games (check out the “Games & Activities” tab), sing-a-longs (yes, I said “sing-a-long!  People DO have these – it’s not just in the movies).

These are just a few of the tips I have for making the holiday season the most fun for you and your guests!




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